We caught up with some of our occupiers who have expanded into further office space at our Spring Gardens location. Sam Fitz-Hugh, the founder of Settio, took time out his busy schedule to talk to us about the expansion he’s seen in the last few months.


What is the reason for Settio’s expansion?


Over the last 12 months we have increased in size by over 100%. This has meant that our first office is no longer big enough, so we have had to acquire more office space to deal with it.


Why did you choose to stay at Northspring Spring Gardens?


For us, the location is perfect so that played a big part in choosing to stay at Spring Gardens. Also, the style and décor of the offices are brilliant, the quality interiors are luxurious and beautifully designed. Our team are also extremely happy here which made it an easy decision.


Do you use the amenities like the Business Lounge, Roof Desk, and Gym in the building?


Yes, we use the full range of facilities, it is brilliant to be able to have access to all the amenities in the building especially the Roof Desk and gym.


Are you aware you can use facilities in other Northspring buildings across the UK?


Yes, I am aware that we are able to use all Northspring locations for no extra cost which is a reason why we are happy at Northspring.


What has been your experience of Northspring been?


On the whole it’s been very good.