q&a with new tenants at northspring | park row, MCLEOD & ATKIN


   What is your reason for moving to a new office?   

  After more than a decade at our current location, our lease had reached its end which prompted us to seek out a new, modern premises that aligns better with our evolving needs .


 What attracted you to Northspring | Park Row?
Northspring offers a modern and contemporary ambience and is a prime location. The inclusion of a gym and roof terrace were particularly enticing features for us.


How was the process of finding an office and where else did you look before choosing Northspring?
We explored several office spaces in Leeds, as we were downsizing and required  loction that aligns with our office needs. The blank canvas offered by Northspring proved advantageous, allowing us the opportunity to customise the space to support our requirements.


Which of Northspring’s luxury amenities do you see your company getting the most use out of once you’ve moved in?

It seems the private roof terrace will be the most popular spot amongst our team judging by the conversations I’ve overheard in the office!