What is your reason for moving to a new office?
Opening a Birmingham office has enabled us to expand into the Midlands which is an essential part of our strategy to grow sustainably from our solid northern base developed over the past 44 years.

   What attracted you to Northspring | Temple Street?
The perfect location! Within just a few minutes walk from New Street station and right in the heart of a thriving construction and property district.

   How was the process of finding an office and where else did you look before choosing Northspring?
Our search area was clearly defined as we wanted something city centric, close to the station and close to construction and property consultants we are already connected with. I’m not sure there were many other contenders once Neil found Northspring!

         Which of Northspring’s luxury amenities do you see your company getting the most use of once you’ve moved in?

The shared meeting spaces. The location, concierge service, workplace technologies and high quality surroundings mean we are now ideally situated to host client and consultant meetings.