an office romance – q&a with EVIE DAVIES


What are your favourite amenities that Northspring offer?

By far my favourite amenity within the building is the private screening/ cinema room, which provides a unique, one of kind addition that no other office building in Birmingham has. It undeniably provides occupiers with an excellent platform for client presentations and pitches and is an unrivalled social space!


Why would you encourage firms to make the move to Northspring?

Ultimately, as the new year unfolds there will be a continuation of the ‘flight to quality’ which 31 Temple Street whole heartedly provides for its occupiers. In addition to the quality and uniqueness  of the shared spaces, Northsrping also delivers a bespoke office fit-out for their members, allowing them to spread the cost over the lease term. Which should further encourage firms to make the move to 31 Temple Street.


Is there anything that Northspring offer that other offices don’t, that you believe play a role in occupiers choosing to move to Northspring? If so, what were these?

The onsite amenity space on offer at 31 temple street is by far one of the biggest motivators for occupiers when choosing Northspring. This plays a significant role for business who want and need their offices to attract and retain both their workforce and clients. In addition to the onsite amenities, the boutique furnishings and historical façade, 31 Temple street’s prominent location in the heart of Birmingham’s bustling city centre creates a perfect place for occupiers to call home!